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My name is Amy Trowbridge. I'm an artist and graphic designer currently based out of Long Beach, California. After graduating from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, I began a career in marketing, communication, and graphic design for conservation non-profits such as The Nature Conservancy and the Catalina Island Conservancy. 

I specialize in original art, murals, and graphic design. As an artist, I work primarily in acrylic, though I enjoy experimenting with other mediums. Simply put, a passion for life is my artistic inspiration. Often the most beautiful moments in life—those spent in nature, with loved ones, or with our beloved pets—are also the most fleeting. My hope in this artistic journey is to capture some of this beauty and turn it from a memory into a cherished keepsake that can be held onto a while longer.

When I'm not behind my easel or computer, I can be found with my nose deep in a book, traveling, or spending time in nature with my dog.

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